Who We Are

The More Collab offers encouragement and support to people in rural communities, giving them a space to connect with others in order to grow themselves, their families, their communities, and their businesses, as well as collaborate and give inspiration to take action.

We're for the ones who want more. More encouragement. More discovery. More imagination.

Hey friends, I’m Sara.

I'm a momma to four blue-eyed monsters, married to my business partner and best friend, and coffee queen. In March of 2017 we purchased an established coffee roasting business after me staying at home with our children for eight years. I loved my time at home, so it was, and still is, very important for me to be efficient at work so that I can stay home for most of the week. Adjusting to being a part time (but really, as a small business owner, is anything part time?) working mom was very eye opening for our family, and encouraged us to find our priorities in life, and run with them.

When this little twinkle of an idea came to us to create a community for people who want more than the crazy and more than the busy, I was so excited to encourage others to find their priorities and turn dreams into action. Saying yes to something means saying no to something else, so let’s make our yeses awesome!



Hey, there! I'm Kristina.⠀

I'm a toddler mama, farm wife and I'm a young professional (is almost 30 still young?) working in community development in Central Nebraska.⠀

As a working mom, I believe it's important to still make time for me and do the things that ignite my soul. I love my job and I love my family but my MORE includes sharing my talents with my passion projects - blogging to connect with fellow working moms (more about that over at @fireworkphilosophy) and being a part of creating this purposeful and powerful community here with The More Collab.⠀

A lot of what I do (with my #dayjob and #passionprojects) includes connecting people to resources to help them live their best list and helping to share people's story, because you talents and your story need to be shared with the world - that's part of the #fireworkphilosophy.⠀


Hi! I’m Rachelle.

I have an obsession with house plants, love to travel, and to spend time with my family and fur children. I own Mariposa Design Events, the cute boutique full of witty stationery, trendy clothing, and home decor. I also help manage the chic hotel, the Sandhills Suites. Throughout college, I knew I wanted to own my own business, but wasn’t ever sure what it would be. The stars aligned when I met the basketball coach [ my now fiance ] and decided to move back home from Lincoln. I started sharing ideas with my old boss about different entrepreneurial paths I wanted to take in Burwell and discovered she had a similar vision! Thus came the Sandhills Suites and eventually I decided my life wasn’t crazy enough so I decided to start a boutique too!

I believe it’s important to dream big, take risks and live life spontaneously! I also believe it’s important to surround yourself with others who want to live big and to pursue their passions in life. The More Collab is exactly that, so be sure to follow us along and get ready to discover what MORE you’re made of!